Release Notes 12/19

1. Document Sharing Templates.  Now you can use your Document tags to easily share subsets of files.

A. Create your own deal tags to categorize or label your documents in the file Details.

B. Click to filter to the tag you want to share, then select Share Tagged Docs.

C. Give access to the entire set of tagged files.

Release Notes 11/28

1. Improved Document Upload. Keep track of which files uploaded successfully and which ones you will have to retry

Release Notes 04/04

1. New Network. You can now see all versions of a contact and have the ability to copy a contact from one team to another in My Network.
RN 04.04 Image 1

2. Deal Tags. Tag your deals in the same way you tag contacts.
RN 04.04 Image 2

RN 04.04 Image 2.1

Release Notes 02/29

1. Online Status indicators. Let others know when you are online or idle. The indicator will switch from green (active) to yellow (idle) after 5 minutes of inactivity. It will switch back as soon as there is activity on the platform.
Image 1

2. Chat Message Delete. You now have a 5 minute window to delete any message you send. You can use this to correct mistakes or revise a message.
Image 2

3. Mobile Ready. We are officially mobile ready. Push notifications are available for Android products; Apple products are next on our list.
Image 3

4. Organizational level Mrooms. Teams now have a place to store documents and have conversations outside of a deal. Documents at the team level can be shared across other deals

Image 4.5

5. Deal Participant Notes. Add notes to all Deal Participants, including those you’ve connected with via your Team Contacts.
Image 5

Release Notes 02/22


  1. Public Link to Mroom Files.  Share MRoom files one-off with the use of a link.  Public Links can be used to share files instantly via email or instant message.  Recipients will have the ability to view the file in the Doc Viewer and will also have the option to download.PublicLink2
  2. Link Contacts to a Deal.  Link a contact to a deal without the requirement of an actual invite.  This is beneficial  in tracking business/working relationships and in building the complete story of a deal.  You can take notes about your working relationship with an individual on each deal you collaborated on.ContactLinkTODeal
  3. Search in Chat.  Now you can search in chat to find important docs and past conversations.





Release Notes 02/15


  1. File Revisions.  You can look back at past versions of a doc in the doc viewer as well as in Recent Activity.

[in Recent Activity]


  1. Alert Options on File Upload.  You can now choose to stop new file upload notifications for your end users.  This is helpful if you want to continue to upload and stage important documents for your end-users, but do not want to generate a bunch of new alerts/notifications.



  1. Google/outlook contact import templates.  We now support Gmail and Outlook contact export templates for bulk upload of contacts onto MREN.


  1. Deal posts. You can now create one-off announcements or posts about a deal. Posts include a title, message, as well as a way to attach important docs and invite certain participants to view.


  1. Invite to Deal from Contacts.  You can now invite people to Deals directly from your contacts lists.



Release Notes 02/01


  1. New UI. Per your feedback, MREN has a new look!  A new, full-screen layout takes advantage of the entire browser window.

[Dark Theme]


[Light Theme]



  1. Visible Invite statuses. Knowing the status of your deal invites lets you know if and/or when you may need to follow-up with an invitee or resend an invite.



  1. Deal Document Edit: In-place file update. In your Deal Docs, use Edit to Rename or Replace a file in line with another version or with another file.



  1. Ability to push email file notification. Now, you can send one-off email notifications about a document at any time.  In your Deal Docs, use Notify to send an email notification and personal message to your end users about a particular document.  The link in the email notification will bring them back to the appropriate Deal.



  1. Email preview. Preview your Deal (email) Invites before sending them.




  1. Custom fields in Contacts. Add your own custom data fields to best manage your network and to fit your unique business needs.



Release Notes 01/24


  1. Performance & Stability. Our major push last week was for significant improvements in speed and stability across the site.  For this round, we focused on areas where we’ve seen the most user activity—documents, contacts management, and chat—which have seen 2-10x speedups around most operations.  We are always working on performance and stability, so we appreciate any feedback on areas where we can give you a better experience.


  1. GL-aware login. Graylabels are subdomain-driven and thus require users to know to go to [graylabel] or follow a generated link (e.g. via email).  Many users still end up on (usually via  While this gives them access to potentially all their deals at once, there are GL-specific features that get bypassed, and there will likely be deal visibility restrictions enforced at some point.


Our login page now checks for access to GL “stuff” (teams, deals, wrs, etc) upon entering email address and displays a list of accessible GL sites.  The user may choose to go to those instead to finish logging in or proceed to


  1. Team Email Domain for locating members.

You can set an email domain for your team as part of your team management settings.  Enabling this will let users with the same email domain contact your team.  This can help you connect with members of your team who signed up separately and may not know that you’re already here.  They’ll be able to send a message to your team so that you can invite them or otherwise connect.


Non-member users will see a message when they log in:


And they’ll be able to send a message or dismiss the notification:


Messages show up in the Messages tab in team management:



At this point they’re already added to the Team Contacts, so anyone with invite perms on the team can invite the user directly


  1. Deal Linking. This is a new way to link related-but-separate deals.  This centralizes activities so that you have one place to go to access both deals.  It also lets you easily share documents across the deals.  This can be helpful in cases where different parties host their own ‘side’ of a deal.  Any two deals your team is involved in can be linked, and they can be unlinked just as easily if you change your mind later.To start, there is a new “Link” button on any deal:

This will show you all available deals you can link to:

Once linked, you’ll be able to quickly jump between both deals:



The way this works—we connect the breakouts in each deal network.  The two networks remain otherwise exactly as they are, and new mroom/document activities proceed as they had.  Only the linking team sees them as such, and it is very much mainly a way to conveniently move between the two deal networks without a lot of navigation.


Where it does do something functionally significant:

  • Docs are combined into a single view. Owned docs from both breakouts are combined into a single bucket to simplify the model, and Shared docs remain as separate buckets.  While the separation is maintained, users can copy/move files between them (following all the same rules of grants/access), which was not possible across deal networks before.
  • Setting grants can be done to *any* mroom (both conference and 1:1) in *either* deal network. This way, you can share a document in deal A to a participant in deal B and thus bridge the gap between the two deals.
  • Working Party List can show a combined view of participants from *both* deal networks. Users will still have to scope down into one of the deal networks to manage participation, but the combined list answers the question “show me everyone involved in any capacity”



Release Notes 01/18/2016


  1. Link out to Google Maps to utilize the on street view in a new window. For deals with a single asset, you will be placed at the address of your asset.  For deals with multiple assets, you will be placed at a central location.



  1. Changes to your Document Sharing settings now happen in a batch, so you can make as many selections as you’d like without waiting in between.



  1. Contact Link Notes. In addition to notes about your contacts, you can now keep notes on your individual links with them. For example, you could add notes about involvement in a particular deal.



  1. Deal Invite Options. We’ve simplified the Deal Access options when inviting people to your deal. This makes it clearer whether you are including the Deal Summary, enabling Doc Sharing & Chat, or both.
  2. Your invites can now also be found on the Dashboard in a running newsfeed. If you have unread invitations, we’ll show you your feed upon login so you won’t miss them.



  1. “View as” in your deal docs to check your Sharing settings. Selecting people and MRooms will display your shared documents from their perspective.