About Us

MREN (Metis Real Estate Network) is a technology-enhanced collaboration platform that brings connectivity and conductivity to the global commercial real estate community. It supports every type of professional in networking while they work.

MREN centralizes the management of commercial real estate investment or supporting efforts on a Deal, Team, and Enterprise basis. MREN understands the unique nature of commercial real estate. It is flexible, so professionals can define the way they want to work. It is built with corporate control in mind, and can integrate with corporations’ existing systems and process.

With MREN’s beautiful design and user-friendliness, participants are able minimize their dependency on email and move to the platform which was purpose-built for sharing opportunities, information and relationships within their trusted network.


Interconnected Networks

Capture, visualize, and utilize network intelligence

Collaboration & Communication

Deal-centric MRooms; virtual collaboration rooms

Instant group or private chats

Document Management

Flexible and secure, with distribution controls down to folder and file level

File activity tracking and reporting

Enterprise Relationship Management

Complete contact profiles with personal and firm level tagging

Automatic linking of people to Deals


Support capital raise, syndication, or disposition privately or publicly.

Automatic geographic mapping of Assets

We Understand Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is complex, relationship driven, and experience-dependent. It is Deal-centric and requires both internal and external professionals to collaborate across many disciplines in order to achieve success. MREN understands that commercial real estate cannot be standardized or replaced by technology, but can be augmented.

Our Goal is to Augment Every Player Within MREN

Higher Efficiency

MREN offers Deal-based collaboration
capabilities by streamlining workflow, preserving
information and communication throughout
the life cycle of the Deal.

More Opportunities

MREN enables all business organizations
and professionals to create, share, and
access opportunities within their trusted


MREN captures and preserves trusted
professional relationships as you work.


MREN’s pricing is flexible to support the way you work. Begin by selecting an option below:

Centralize the way you work
Always Free

Manage your Deals, Information, and Relationships all on one platform
  • Store all of your Deals including dead deals, prospective deals, and active deals
  • Unlimited storage of documents, asset photos, financial models
  • Organize unlimited contacts with personal notes and tags

Centralize the way you work as a Team
per Team member
per month

Collaborate as a Team and manage Deals, Information, and Relationships together on one platform
  • Share and synchronize contacts with Team members
  • Streamline communication using chat rooms within Deals
  • Manage your pipeline with Team dashboard to bolster credibility
  • Store Team level documents

Centralize collaboration on a Deal
per Deal
per month

Close the Deal faster with MREN as a common medium for all Deal participants to collaborate
  • Invite unlimited internal and external participants
  • Market opportunities publicly or privately
  • Protect Documents with NDAs and strict permissioning
  • Create topical chat rooms to communicate with relevant participants
  • Manage participants by taking notes, tagging by role, and controlling access of information

Centralize how you work as a firm and stay connected with the industry
Contact us

Contact us to learn how MREN can enhance your success by supporting existing systems, processes, and compliance requirements
  • Brand your site with a customized login page
  • Customize high level data fields and infographics
  • Access firm level auditing for oversight
  • Capture, visualize, and utilize firm wide relationship intelligence with enterprise relationship management

Our Team

An amazing culture based on respect, integrity and perseverance. With talented engineers, industry professionals, and support staff, our team is able to converge two significantly different worlds: CRE and Technology.

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Joy Hou
Co-founder | CEO

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Edwin Liu
Co-founder | CTO

Alt Text
Daniel Kempner
Vice President

Alt Text
Nicole Ng
Product Manager

Alt Text
QA Analyst

Alt Text
IT Manager

Alt Text
Software Developer

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Alex Chernyak
Software Developer

Alt Text
Vice President

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Nathan Rooke
Software Developer